Biostrap now available via the Spike API

Biostrap now available via the Spike API

Biostrap is the only wrist-worn wearable extracting advanced arterial health data, measuring biometrics with clinical reliability.

Thanks to a proprietary infrared/red optical sensor that captures high signal-to-noise and high-resolution photoplethysmography (PPG) measurements from deep beneath the skin, the Biostrap PPG signal is not affected by melanin, tattoos, or other physiological variations.

It’s now available via Spike API and ETL solutions to all our customers. Biostrap is the newest addition to a large network of 200+ devices within the growing wearables and IoT network at Spike.

What data does Biostrap measure and how does it work?

Biostrap captures a wide range of biometric data that help users to monitor and manage: sleep, heart health, recovery, activity and physiological resilience.

  • Biostrap is a faceless wrist-worn device that connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. It calculates steps during the day and most importantly collects nocturnal data to monitor physiological adaptation that happens during sleep.
  • Biostrap also offers a Chest Strap heart rate monitor to collect real-time heart rate, caloric expenditure and heart rate progression by exercise zone during activity.

Imagine accessing all of Biostrap‘s data and metrics easily through an API, without having to invest time and resources in a complex custom API development, including data transformations, vendor management and data pipelines. This is what we do at Spike.

Spike API delivers clean and standardized data from Biostrap sensors (and recommendation system) directly to your health app, with low code. We handle data ingestion, data pipelines (ETL) and compatibility challenges.

The result? Clean, standardized data ready for deployment into your health app and analytics.

Biostrap offers the following metrics:

  1. Resting Heart Rate (RHR), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Oxygen Saturation, Respiratory Rate, Arterial Elasticity, Peripheral Elasticity: Biostrap continuously tracks these biometrics during sleep with clinical reliability. Plus, the weekly, monthly and yearly trend feature allows users to monitor how their lifestyle choices are impacting their health in the long run.
  2. Sleep tracking: Biostrap measures awake states, lights and deep sleep, as well as analyzes sleep efficiency considering a variety of contributing factors to provide an accurate reflection of sleep quality and next-day readiness to perform.
  3. Sleep and Recovery Scores: Analyzing over a dozen sleep parameters, including nocturnal biometrics, sleep duration, sleep quality, awakenings, and movement, Biostrap helps users assess their quality of sleep and enables them to manage their readiness to perform to better understand an individual’s physiological recovery (mentally, physically and emotionally).
  4. Activity Score: Biostrap calculates the Activity Score using the activity distribution over the course of a 24-hour window, emphasizing consistent physical activity of a determined number of steps per hour during 12 unique hours.
  5. Arterial Health Score: The Arterial Health Score provides an easy interpretation of overall arterial health represented on a 0–100 scale. Tracking this value over time may provide an insight into whether an individual’s lifestyle habits are positively or negatively impacting their cardiovascular function or heart health.
  6. Circadian Rhythm Recommendations: Biostrap provides individualized and data-driven recommendations related to optimal sleep onset and wake-up times to optimize one’s sleep and recovery

How are digital health apps using this Biostrap data already:

  1. Remote monitoring medical apps: Biostrap biometrics are clinically reliable. This means medical apps remotely monitoring patients’ health can benefit from getting access to them. The data could be used to monitor the patient’s sleep patterns, cardiovascular health, and overall well-being, and provide personalized recommendations and care.
  2. Heart health management apps: Biostrap’s Heart Health feature offers a deeper understanding of cardiovascular health. It presents new and advanced biometrics that provide insights into the health status of the cardiovascular system, which affects the heart’s ability to move oxygen and nutrients across the body.
  3. Stress management apps: Biostrap’s easy-to-understand insights on biometrics over time (week, month, and year) allows individuals to gain more clarity about how their lifestyle choices impact their stress levels. Changes in heart health metrics, especially Arterial Health data, compared to one’s individual baseline can be key to measure the impact of stress on the heart and nervous system.
  4. Meditation apps: Meditation is often used as a tool to manage stress, anxiety, and improve overall well-being and mental health status. The biometric data provided by Biostrap could help users monitor their progress and tailor their meditation practice to their individual needs.

Here’s an example of the information we return for sleep data:

    "user_id": "282812818",
    "start_date": "2023-07-13",
    "end_date": "2023-07-13",
    "type": "sleep",
    "source": [
            "name": "biostrap",
            "status": "ok"
    "data": {
        "date": "2023-07-13",
        "bedtime_start": "2023-06-13T00:14:47",
        "bedtime_end": "2023-06-13T09:30:47",
        "timezone_offset": 7200,
        "bedtime_duration": 33360,
        "total_sleep": 30420,
        "awake": 2940,
        "light": 8190,
        "rem": 6780,
        "deep": 15450,
        "hr_lowest": 0,
        "hr_average": 0,
        "efficiency": 0.91,
        "latency": 900,
        "temperature_delta": 0,
        "average_hrv": 44,
        "respiratory_rate": 0,
        "standardized_sleep_score": 10,
        "source_specific_sleep_score": 88,
        "source": "biostrap",
        "levels": [
                "date_time": "2023-06-13T00:14:47",
                "level": "awake",
                "seconds": 300
                "date_time": "2023-06-13T00:44:47",
                "level": "light",
                "seconds": 300

Biostrap is the latest to join our great network of supported devices alongside the likes of WHOOP, Fitbit, Oura, Apple HealthKit, Garmin, Google Fit, etc. View our supported devices here.

If you’re looking for more information on how Spike can help you leverage wearables data in your Health applications, let’s talk!