New Integration: Withings

New Integration: Withings

Spike API is expanding our wearables network, and we are thrilled to announce our latest integration with Withings.

Withings offers a range of smartwatches and scales that help individuals track their health and fitness goals. Withings watches provide advanced tracking of activity levels, heart rate, and sleep patterns, while their smart scales measure weight, body fat percentage, and even air quality in the room.

Spike x Withings — one of many exciting integrations coming in 2023!

What sensors and biometric data?

  • Withings smartwatches and wearables combine ECG, heart rate, and oximeter sensors to measure heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), and sleep activity. Some models offer VO2 Max estimations.
  • High-end smart scales provide segmented body composition data, nerve health diagnostics, and multi-point heart data via a 6-lead ECG. Multi-user tracking caters to up to 8 users on some models.
  • Withings under-mattress Sleep Analyzer provides deep insights into sleep, including the management of sleep conditions like sleep apnea. This hands-free sleep analysis device delivers insights into heart rate, breathing disturbances, and restlessness.
  • Connected thermometers and blood pressure monitors provide clinically-validated health data. Integrations enable the direct sharing of health data with doctors and clinicians.
  • Unveiled in 2023, the U-Scan is a hands-free connected urine lab for analyzing urine electrolytes for nutritional and hormonal data. It’s set to be the first hormone-based cycle-syncing smart device, providing recommendations based on cycle phase to help women optimize menstrual cycles.

Now, what if you could pull data from all of these devices and use it in your apps and services withoutperforming custom API development, vendor management, version control and data transformations on your side?

Leave that to Spike. Spike API delivers data from the full catalogue of Withings sensors to your apps and recommendation systems. We handle data ingestion, standardization and data pipelines (ETL) so you can work your magic.

What clients of Spike are powering their apps with this data already?

  • Nutrition and Weight management apps: Withings smart scales provide accurate weight measurements and body composition data, which is used to track progress and provide personalized advice and support.
  • Chronic disease management apps: In addition to diabetes management, Withings offers a range of sensors that can be used to monitor other chronic conditions such as hypertension and sleep apnea.
  • Fitness coaching apps: These apps use data from Withings smartwatches to track physical activity, heart rate, and sleep patterns. This is used to provide personalized fitness plans and monitor progress towards fitness goals.
  • Stress management apps: Withings smartwatches monitor heart rate variability, which can be an indicator of stress levels. This data is helping users track their stress levels and learn techniques to manage stress.
  • Women’s health apps: Withings offers a smart thermometer and urine analysis sensor that can be used to track ovulation and fertility. This data is used to provide personalized advice and support for women trying to conceive.
  • Corporate wellness apps: Withings data is integrated into corporate wellness programs to provide employees with personalized health monitoring and support to stay healthy and productive, simultaneously reducing healthcare costs for employers.

How do I connect?

Connecting to Withings and other integrations via Spike API is fast and straightforward.

Create an HTML button at your app UI that sends a POST to our endpoint with your client_id, provider_name, and the ID you want to identify your users. You can find examples in our official API Docs.

Once users click the button, we will redirect them to the provider’s authentication page. After a successful login, Spike API will return any callback URL you provide us with the id for the user in our database. That’s all you need to make future requests. We will manage the rest!

What data can I get?

Spike API will provide the full scope of data categories that Withings registers. For example, we provide height and weight measurements, daily summaries for steps, heart rate, distance, sleep, sport activity, or even ECG signal points!

All data is standardized and compatible with other providers data categories within the Spike API network, so there is no need for data transformations or schema version control on your side. 

Here’s an example of the information we return for calories:

    "user_key": "19291291291",
    "start_date": "2020-05-01",
    "end_date": "2020-05-03",
    "type": "calories",
    "sources": [
            "name": "withings"
    "data": [
            "date": "2020-05-01",
            "value": 1234,
            "intraday_data": [
                    "level": 0,
                    "mets": 10,
                    "time": "2022-05-01T00:00:00",
                    "value": 1.21
                    "level": 0,
                    "mets": 10,
                    "time": "2022-05-01T00:01:00",
                    "value": 1.27
            "source": "withings"

Withings joins our growing network of supported devices alongside Apple HealthKit, Oura, Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit, etc. You can find our currently supported devices and forthcoming device integrations here.

If you are looking to start leveraging wearables and IoT data in your app, let’s talk!