API for health data from wearables and IoT

Connect your app to users’ real-time data from 300+ devices via a single API. Make that data usable with our white-label AI/ML services.

Spike API

How it works

One API with access to all the major Wearable and IoT providers

Integrate our API and SDK

Start testing right away with our easy-to-implement and well-documented API and shorten your development cycles

Allow your users to connect

No matter what’s their wearable of choice

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Start leveraging wearables data

Enhance the functionality and UX of your application. Deliver personalised insights and increase user retention

Designed For Developers

Access wearables data in both raw and structured/normalized format while we maintain provider API upgrades, monitor new sensor releases and API version control so that you don’t have to

Easy to implement

Connect to Spike from any platform of your choice with as little as a few lines of code. Start testing right away.

Standardized and normalized data

Receive data which makes sense in an easily digestible format.

No mundane maintenance tasks

Leave all that boiler plate management to us and concentrate on building value for your users

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Customer success stories

Built With Security At Heart

Spike technology, REST API end-points, and Cloud architecture are designed with data privacy and security at heart. We process billions of data points for healthcare providers in the US and Europe in an encrypted and secure way following strict regulatory guidelines.